10 May 2022

Birds, Nests & Eggs - It's May with Eileen Hull Designs

Hi everyone and welcome. Throughout the month of May Eileen Hull's teams are creating projects featuring birds, nests and eggs to celebrate the arrival of Spring. I've got a super quick project to share with you for this one that uses Eileen's Sizzix Scoreboards 'Phone Stand' XL Die.

Anyone with a larger size tablet will know it can be tiresome to attempt propping it up when you want to watch one of Eileen's YouTube videos or browse her Etsy store. So here's a larger stand which will make supporting your tablet much easier.

To create your own begin by die cutting two of each of the phone stand die pieces from Sizzix Matboard or board/card of an equally sturdy weight - this needs to be sturdy to support the weight of your tablet. You will also need to cut a rectangular piece of board measuring 7 1/4" (18.5cm) wide by 5 1/2" (14cm) tall. I rounded off the corners of my rectangle but this is not essential. Placing the two main Phone Stand pieces side by side glue the rectangle over the top of the main stand section (as shown below).

Once the glue is dry turn the now joined stands over and attach a strip of board measuring 7 1/2" (19cm) wide by 1 1/2" (4cm) tall across the back, moving it roughly 1 1/2" (4cm) from the top of the stand (as shown below). Test it out before gluing in place as this can be adjusted upwards if you want the angle of the stand to be lowered.

If you are planning on pre-decorating your stand make sure to stick decorative papers to the board before cutting the pieces. Alternatively, while the stand is still flat decorate it now with paints, inks etc - I chose to use coordinate my finished stand with our living room decor so used some leftover paint.

Now fold up the stand along the score-lines, butting the two small flaps at the bottom against the strip of board and gluing onto the back of the stand. When dry flip the stand over to the front and slot the support strips into the bottom of the stand, gluing them in place. Then glue the extra folded strips over the top as shown below; I find it really helpful to run a line of glue along the score-lines to keep the folds in place.

Finish the stand by painting the bottom supports and adding a piece of decorative paper (or in this case wallpaper which conveniently features a bird) over the large rectangular piece on the front. And that's it done!

Here's the back showing how the strip of board at the top helps to support the stand.

As a guide my tablet is 9 1/2" (24.5cm) tall by 5 3/4" (15cm) wide and it will easily sit sideways so I can watch our favourite lady in action :)

Thank you for joining me to see how this extra large stand came together. Make sure to check out all the fantastic projects and tutorials from the rest of Eileen's team members - links to their posts can be found on Eileen's blog throughout the month.

For now thanks for visiting,
Jenny xxx


  1. This is really a great idea for a multi-purpose use of the phone stand. I cannot see any seam/line at the bottom/front where the two phone stands are joined. Did you cover that area with anything or just the luck of lighting doesn't show it? Thanks for sharing a great project!

    1. Thanks Nellie - I'm really glad you found this useful. Good spot on the seamline! I used the tiniest bit of modelling paste/texture paste to fill in the line and sanded it back when dry. Another way of disguising it is to cut a strip of your design paper and glue that onto the front of that support lip. Hope that helps xx

  2. Wonderful idea Jenny! Thank you. =)


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