28 February 2024

Button Embroidery Hoop for Eileen Hull Designs

Hi everyone and welcome. This month Eileen Hull's design teams are continuing to share projects and ideas following the release of a collection of Sizzix Classics dies which all have a stitching theme.

In last month's post I shared an intricate project using Eileen's Embroidery Hoop Scoreboards Die and promised to be back with a simpler 'no sew' option. And so... ta dah!!!

This may look complicated but it's actually a breeze to make and can easily be personalised by raiding your own stash. Let's get started with my simple tutorial.

Start by cutting two sets of the Embroidery Hoop from Mat Board and glue together to make thicker inner and outer hoops. Sand around the outside of the inner hoop to allow for a thicker fabric to fit between the hoops if needed. Cover both hoops with Sizzix Luster Wax and leave to dry. I found a lace trimmed coaster around 5" (13cm) in diameter - anything circular of this size or bigger will work.

Add strong sticky tape to the top of the inner hoop, burnish it thoroughly to ensure a strong bond, and stick the lace circle onto the inner hoop.

Add strong sticky tape to the bottom of the outer hoop, burnish it thoroughly to ensure a strong bond, and push the outer hoop down onto the lace circle, fitting it around the inner hoop. It is worth taking time to make sure the two hoops fit over each other completely, encasing the lace and making it taught.

Cut flowers and leaves from felt using Eileen's Envelope, Folder & Flowers Thinlits Die Set and select some buttons to use as flower centres - you could also use beads, brooches, old pieces of jewellery etc to personalise the project even more.

Stitch or glue the buttons to the flower centres and allow to dry before arranging and stitching or gluing onto the lace hoop. And that's it - you're done!

That's it from me for this month's theme. Make sure to check out all the fantastic projects from the rest of the team - links to their posts can be found on Eileen's blog throughout the month.

For now thanks for visiting,
Jenny xxx
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