About Me

I am lucky enough to do what I love as a designer and educator, working with a number of companies, being part of several hugely talented design teams and teaching at workshops. It has been a real privilege over the years to have my work featured in magazines and e-books. Being creative is a big part of my life and I hope some of that passion rubs off on others along the way.

The artwork displayed on this blog has been hand-crafted by me. I would love you to take inspiration from it, but would respectfully ask that you do not copy or upload these images for the purpose of claiming them as your own work for contests or submissions. If you would like to use my artwork for any reason, including future workshops/classes, please just ask me.

I have been inspired by so many other talented people out there and always endeavour to give them credit. If for any reason you feel that you have not been given the recognition you deserve please let me know, as this is never my intention.


  1. That's an absolutely beautiful piece of art! I do a lot of vintage art work: collage, assemblage and book art! I would like to follow your blog, I'm a happy grandma and mother to my big white rescue dog! I live in the state of Washington, USA. - Annette Bouchey

  2. I love all your work I see you a lot on Eileen Hull and paper artsy - I would love to take a class with you -Jane from Ct/USA


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