14 May 2014

Getting to know you... at Our Creative Corner

Hi everyone. If you've arrived expecting to see my project for the current Frilly and Funkie challenge that will be up very shortly.

Right now you'll be able to find out a little more about me over at Our Creative Corner where each of the team are taking turns this month to answer some questions in honour of our birthday. See you there, then here!!

Take care of yourselves, Jenny xxx


  1. Just been over and loved reading it!!!

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about you Jenny! I think I would have chosen Leonardo too and you definitely need to write that self help book....it would be a best seller for sure. Anne xx

  3. BLC - what a great idea! Chris xxx

  4. Interesting answers Jenny, I enjoyed reading them. Mo x

  5. Jenny
    I will head on over there right this minute.

  6. Just back from reading it - what fun to learn more about you and boy do I hear you on the time it all takes to get our ideas on paper, canvas, wood or what have you.


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