30 October 2013

Special Friends

Hi everyone. I know I've said it before, but it bears repeating; you can make some wonderful friends through crafting/blogging, and I'm lucky enough to have some of the best on the planet. One of those beautiful people is Anne (Redanne) who I'm sad to report is poorly at the moment. It is a measure of her incredible selflessness and thoughtfulness that, lying in hospital after a fall at the weekend, one of her first concerns was to let her blogging friends know that she wasn't ignoring them deliberately or falling behind on commenting on their work.

Knowing Anne, she'd be mortified that I'm letting you know and asking you to send your thoughts and prayers her way as she never seems to think she is worthy of attention. Knowing you guys, you'd be equally mortified that you'd been left unaware of Anne's plight and the opportunity to send those thoughts and prayers her way. On the horns of that dilemma I thought it right to keep you all 'in the loop'.

I'm sure there'll be lots of you out there who will be putting those crafting skills to good use creating a little something for Anne. For those who would like to contribute to a collection for some flowers on Anne's return home, please contact Brenda Brown (another of my 'rocks') who has incredibly kindly offered to coordinate this; brenda_brown25@hotmail.com

Isn't this absolutely gorgeous? Another wonderful person, Patricia, sent this bespoke handcrafted brooch to me along with a really moving letter. Glory only knows what I did to deserve it but her generosity and skill had me in a puddle when it arrived. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Patricia. This will be treasured and worn with beaming pride, and if you haven't seen her truly amazing box creations or beautiful cards I thoroughly recommend a visit to her blog HERE.

How lucky can one person be? Very lucky it would seem. Another parcel arrived from the amazing Anita Houston packed with these superb Halloween goodies. It is a mark of this beautiful lady's generosity that she created these and arranged to send them in the middle of family life and getting ready for her Tuscany trip. Again, they will absolutely be treasured.

So from someone who is counting her blessings, thanks for stopping by and please take care of yourselves.
Jenny xxx


  1. Such a lovely post... it seems to me you deserve all the lovely goodies that come your way.
    Suzi B xx

  2. Well done Jenny that's a lovely tribute to Anne. A have a bunch of friends who know Anne and we will be sending flowers as well. She will be inundated with good wishes, prayers and love never mind flowers
    Lynn xx

  3. Thanks for posting this Jenny, I thought you probably would, so that's why I didn't. I can't express how sad I am about this news, I am thinking of dear Anne the whole time. I will be in touch with Brenda. Your gifts are beautiful too and well deserved, we all know what a "rock" you are.

  4. Hi Jenny,I was devastated when I heard this. Anne is a sweetheart and doesn't deserve this on top of her other health problems. I will certainly be contacting Brenda. Talking of friends, Patricia is another of my friends and is very similar to Anne in lots of ways. Her crafty makes are wonderful and she loves to share. You, my dear deserve everything that comes your way too. Take Care. Hugs Rita xxx

  5. It is great just how brilliant crafting people are - so generous with sharing ideas and sending each other 'goodies'. So sorry to hear about Anne - please send her hugs from me.

  6. I was so sorry to hear about Anne - I have only recently got to know her through blogland, but her comments are always so thoughtful and kind. Please send her my love.

    And what gorgeous presents - and yes you are right, what wonderful people we meet along our crafting way. I know I haven't met any of you living right up here in the north, but I feel I have some really lovely friends.

  7. I'm so sorry to learn of Anne's fall Jenny - thank-you for letting us know. Would you please pass on to Anne that I am thinking of her and wishing her a very speedy recovery - I do hope that it is not too serious. I think the world of Anne and her artwork.

    Lucky you to receive such gorgeous gifts - beautiful crafting in both packages. That brooch sure will receive compliments.

    Nicola x

  8. Thanks for sharing this Jenny, there are some exceptionally lovely people in blogland who really care about people and Anne is one of them. Lots of love to you too as you are also one of those who are exceptional in the way you care about others. I am already getting some emails and will wait an few days for anyone else to contact me and will send flowers when we know she is coming hone.
    Love your gorgeous gifts which you so deserve. Take care.
    hugs {brenda} x0x

  9. I just thought Anne was taking some time off! Poor sweet lady, please let her know I am sending good thoughts and prayers! Thank you for sharing this and enjoy your lovely gifts! Hugs!

  10. So sorry to hear about Anne, Rita had e-mailed me to tell me the same sad news. Will keep her in my thoughts and prayers.
    Jenny, you deserve all the gifts you receive, you are such a wonderful inspiration to us all.
    Your stunning "works if art" are so beautiful.
    Have a great evening

    Patricia xxx

  11. Wonderful post Jenny. Blogland is a fantastic community full of caring sharing people and you are one of the best :0) Mo xhugsx

  12. Thank you Jenny for the update on Anne, she surely needs our support and prayers!!
    Hugs Kelly

  13. I'm so sorry to hear about Anne, I've never met her but I can tell she is a very special lady. I shall certainly be contacting Brenda. Jenny, you also are a very thoughtful and caring person, a sentiment that I know is shared by many people. The gifts you've received are lovely and I'm sure the people who sent them will be very happy to know how much they mean to you. Thank you so much for sharing the news about Anne , I do hope that she makes a speedy recovery xxx toni

  14. Thanks for letting us know - I know Anne's daughter was getting married this past weekend and as I had not heard anything I was getting worried because of the storms going through Europe. If you can give me any more info I sure would appreciate it - ironically I just put a box in the post for her today. I also e-mailed her asking if everything was okay knowing of this horrid storm. Anne sent me the most incredible birthday card and had plans of posting on her blog when she got home. She has been a joy to know and has been so kind to me. Again, if you can let me know anymore info I sure would appreciate it.
    Sandy Dehon

  15. That was a brilliant post, Jenny, and I will be quoting you directly when I pass on the word about our dear friend. I couldn't say it better. You are a person well loved! Thank you again, Darnell

  16. What a lovely thoughtful post Jenny. All my love and best wishes go to Anne for a speedy recovery.
    I found your blog through the lovely Anne and now thoroughly enjoy reading your posts, you're both such inspirational ladies. Thank You so much ....crafty hugs Linda xx

  17. Once again I will leave another comment - this time on your happy mail. That broach is outstanding and I certainly would wear it alot!!!


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