27 September 2013

Pressies and a plea...

Hi everyone. Don't get too close to your screens as I don't want you catching my cold - ever noticed how fuzzy heads prohibit creative decisiveness? Well thankfully I have some pressies to share with you.

Many of you will know I had the opportunity to visit my wonderful and talented friend Anne during the summer, and as well as cutting die cuts, teaching me box making and feeding me right royally, this uber-generous lady gave me a beautiful box containing a very special pocket watch (below) and one of her super pin cushions. I was thrilled as you can imagine!

I was also lucky enough to have taken part in Astrid's ICAD swap earlier this month and want to share the very special ICAD's sent to me.

This vibrant ICAD and holder came from the talented Elly. I love the stencilling, the varied textures and the UTEE embossed lady, and most of all the way Elly has blended these fruity colours together in a grungy yet feminine way.

My second ICAD and holder came from Maryann, who had a totally different take on this concept (as well as a bit of fun with the postal service by the sounds of it!!!)

Maryann is a whizz with her die cutting and attention to detail and she had taken so much trouble to embellish every part of the ICAD and it's folder. I love the autumnal feel to this as well.

Thank you to Astrid for organising this swap. As well as being so lovely and efficient, she is someone who's artwork I am always utterly inspired by (and one day I want to grow up to be somewhere close to being as creative as her :)

Finally a small plea... thank you to everyone who left such kind comments about my altered stamp crate (seen here). It was entered for an Unruly Paper Arts challenge and the voting is taking place through to 30th September HERE. If you liked it I would be incredibly grateful if you would take a couple of moments to enter a vote for me
(I know some of you have already - thank you so much for your support xxx).

For now, take care of yourselves.
Hugs, Jenny xxx


  1. What fabulous presents Jenny! It is always lovely receiving someone else's work and poring over it to see how it has been done. Just off to vote!

  2. Hi Jenny,
    Sorry to hear you are under the weather. Of course you have my vote I will pop over now,
    Take care and get better soon
    Rosie x

  3. Hope you get well soon!What gorgeous goodies your friend shared with you.

  4. All Amazing gifts - lucky you! Been over and voted. Nicola x

  5. Hi Jenny, saw your post on FB and thought I recognised those things! Very kind of you to show them.

    Love the ICADs you got, both are beautiful. It was such a fun swap, hope Astrid will do another one some time (although it is a lot of effort). I voted! Hugs, Anne x

  6. Feeling poorly surely means that Ms Mojo leaves the building, that is what I find to be the case. Poor you.
    I am so glad you received such gorgeous goodies to bring some joy to your day.
    The pocket watch is so special as are all the gifts - what treasures and then that fabulous swap. I so wish I could have participated but the timing wasn't good for me.
    Get Well Soon (that is an order!)

  7. Beautiful gifts from Anne and gorgeous ICADs Jenny both of them, so different and yet both fabulous. Thanks also for your kind comments that honestly make me blush, you are so creative yourself!!!

    Have been over and voted, fingers crossed :o)

  8. Gorgeous goodies from Anne. She is so sweet, generous & uber talented.
    Love the ICAD's you got too :D
    I've been over to the challenge blog, but can't figure out where/how to vote, duh..:(

  9. Thanks for sharing your super Icads - nice to see some of them on various blogs. Great stamp crate too, well worth a vote!

  10. WOW! Jenny terrific makes, all so beautiful. Your swaps are all treasures to keep forever.
    Off to post my vote
    Have a great weekend

    Patricia xxx

  11. Wonderful creations all round to cheer you while you're feeling poorly... hope you get better very soon. Love the new blog photo too! I did go over and vote for your glorious storage box the other day, but it didn't behave in quite the usual way after I'd voted so I'll pop back now and try again...
    Alison xx

  12. Feel better quickly! Your gifts are all amazing and those ICAD's as well! Clever asking for votes and since I can't vote for myself, why not! Hugs and enjoy the weekend!

  13. Awww hope you feel better soon Jenny :)
    What wonderful gifts too :)
    Von ♥

  14. Stunning creations you have got! =)
    Beautiful wooden box you decorated, you got my vote! =)
    Hugs, Elenor

  15. Absolutely stunning gifts from the talented and extremely kind Redanne. I know from our chats that you had the most wonderful time together.

    Fabulous ICAD'S Jenny and I still can't believe I missed this fab swap...but hopefully next time. Off to vote for you now as your stamp crate is wonderful.

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend. Loving your blog and wonderful photograph

    Crafty hugs
    Annie x

  16. Hope you'll feel better soon, Jenny! What a wonderful pressies! Hugs, Sandra


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