7 February 2013

What would your caption be?

Hi everyone out there. So pleased to have your company; you are very welcome and very much appreciated. Now I know yesterday you got a glimpse of my Tim tag, but that will have to wait until another day. Today I am excited to share a set of cards (yes, I did say set!!) made with two new sets of Steampunk designs from Nicecrane Designs. To begin with here are the links to these sets;

As you can see from these pictures there are images that will suit  males and females too, plus they are black and white which means you can colour them in any way you like. And why not add another layer of fun - my good friend Julie Short has displayed many projects where she takes random pictures and creates stories to fit them. So rather than just add generic sentiments I decided to add my own captions...

Having printed the chosen images on plain card they were given a dowsing in neutral Distress Stains (with some added Brushed Pewter). A few stamped elements in Sepia Archival Ink turned them into postcards, and some painting with Distress Inks turned them into instant card toppers.

As mentioned earlier I got carried away and created five cards in the same way.

Now what would you add as a caption for each of these? Bet you can come up with some great ones, and even make them personal to the people you are making them for! Hope you've been inspired to give these a go as they really are fun.

And before I leave you just to let you know I will be going into hospital for a few days from tomorrow so if you don't hear from me that is why. Hopefully me and this laptop will be reunited next week! Wishing you all have a wonderful weekend. Hugs, Jenny xxx


  1. Wonderful use of the images and your quotes are brilliant--I will be laughing all day at those.

    There are always 'goodies' at nicecranedesigns.

    Love Chrissie xx

  2. Jenny these look great! Such a clever way of using these lovely images, and with your captions they are fun too. They would make great men's cards! Love all the little bits you have added too!

    Hope you are going to be ok, - hospitals are never fun.... Will be thinking of you!!

  3. Great colours you've chosen to use and great captions - they certainly made me smile! Hope your soon home and back to blogging!

  4. Fabulous cards love the Steampunk postcards.... off to have a look.
    Sorry to hear you have to go into hospital hope everything goes well, take care
    Suzi B xx

  5. Simply fantastic, Jenny!! Love what you've done with these images... Gorgeous, vintage tinting - fabulous, fabulous cards!
    Alison x

  6. omg Jenny........SOOOOOO FUNNY CARDS,,,,,,what a very creative and funny quotes on these ones,,,,,but the best is the distressed look you aply,,,,,,to them....You create these adoreble and soooo funny postcards,,, I never thought to be use on this way...loveit, love it, love it.
    I hope you are back at home as soon as possible Jenny Take care my friend,,,,I am waiting to hear you are feeling well ,,,,,,let me know.

    My fav postcard is the one about internet,,,,,,soooooooo creative ,,,,,and the other relative to airlines,,,,,what a really amazing sentiment,,,,and sooooo funnyyyy.
    You are rock.

  7. Jennythese are brilliant, what great images and love how you have tinted them with colour! Your sentiments would cheer anyone and made me smile! What a wonderful setof cards! Wishing you a swift and speedy recovery hugs trace x

  8. What can I say - WOW love what you've done with the images

    Sam xx

  9. Oh...LOL...this is fantastic!!! I absolutely LOOOVE that sentiment. Fantastic creativity and you really did an amazing job with these steampunk images from Nicecrane. :)

    I'll be keeping you in my thoughts while you are in the hospital and I hope for your very speedy return.
    Lisa x

  10. What a really great set of cards, so different from anything out there and real fun.
    The stamps, colours and captions are fantastic, I love these.
    Good luck with your hospital stay wishing you well

  11. These are divine! I love the theme with the silver swirls and gears and the red clock but being each one different is great. My favorite is your humorous quotes on each card. LOve that!!
    Hugs Kelly

  12. What fabulous images and I do love your captions - very apt and amusing. Come back soon, we'll miss you.

  13. Super fab work, must go to your links. All Best Wishes for your trip to the hospital and a speedy recovery. xx Flora

  14. Hi Jenny, I love what you did with these images, I have both sets and now know what I am going to do with them - thank you for the inspiration. Your quotes are brilliant!

    Hope your hospital stay goes well, I will be thinking of you and wish you a speedy recovery. Looking forward to you being back in blogland my lovely friend. Big Hugs, Anne xx

  15. Wow, all of these cards are wonderful, great creations :) Hope you'll be back soon :)

  16. Have you been chanelling my thoughts Jenny? Thank you for the shout! Your caption and image for the internet card is so eerily close to the truth I am shaking my head. Currently there is an IT technologist trawling through the 40,000 or so files in my website, using I hope, a massive bazooka to kill some nasty gremlins who arrived in the recent storms.
    I will think very carefully too about the budget airline booking.
    These are brilliant. Love them! Thank you for making me smile!

  17. Hi Jenny, thank-you for the laughter - what fun and stunning work on those images. They look so authentically vintage. Your captions are wonderful too.

    Did you know that someone has shown Michael O'Leary your 4th card - he thanks you for the inspiration as its a great idea to pack on (sorry board) even more passengers! He will be offering you a reduced price seat when he launches his new design Ryanair craft - sorry but he wouldn't stretch to a total freebie!

    Hope your hospital stay goes as well as can be my friend. Nicola xx

  18. Oh these designs are just so me! Off to have a look how much they are..... Hope all goes well over the next few days - speak to you when you return! will be thinking of you..xxx

  19. WOW, I love this 'set' of cards, you have given the 'aura' of vintage to every one, and your captions are fantastic, so funny. I love all these images.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  20. Oh your captions are just hilarious! Love the images.... totally awesome. You must've had fun coming up with those tag lines!

  21. They're fantastic Jenny, really gorgeous designs, images and the quotes are great! Chris x

  22. Absolutely fantastic Jenny. I really love this. So vintage and so inspiring.

    Crafty hugs Annie x x

    Ps it's just my first blogiversary my friend I only started blogging last March x x

  23. Best wishes to you. Please drop me an email as I would like to send you something.

    Thinking of you and hope hospital stay goes well

    Sending you a huge hug xx

    Annie xx

  24. An amazing set Jenny...such nice images...and you've made great cards of them!

  25. The cards themselves are stunning - I totally love what you've done with these wonderful images. The icing on the cake are those fab captions! Your sense of humour shines through and I couldn't think up any that were better than these!
    Good Luck with the hospital stay - I'll be thinking of you. Take care.
    Big hugs, Juliaxxx

  26. Amazing work and fab pages...love your hilarious captions! You are funny! NC makes great images!

  27. WOW!!, these are different to say the least.
    Love what you have done with them, great colours to go with the theme.
    Hope all goes well with the hospital, will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.
    Look forward to your return

    Patricia xxx

  28. LOL - they are brilliant, Jenny!

    My favourite is the one with the "Budget Airlines". Made me chuckle and the big grin is still on my face.

    Your set is absolutely stunningly great!!!! Love all of them and your sayings are perfect as they take the images to another dimension.


    Claudia xx

  29. What fun Jenny, loved looking at the images and reading your comments, so creative.
    Thinking of you and hope all goes well in hospital.
    Hugs Brenda xox

  30. Wow Jenny! This is amazing! Love your set of postcard! They all are magnificent! Beautifully colored! Hugs, Sandra

  31. HI Jenny....I was so sure that I had left a comment the other day as I had asked you to email me as I dont have any way of getting in touch with you. Hope you are alright my friend and hospital stay goes well.

    Love these postcards.....................the captions are brilliant...particularly the airline and hedgehog.

    Take Care


  32. These are great images Jenny :) just love how you have used them for your cards :)
    Von ♥

  33. These are sooo funny Jenny, and I love how you have made the postcards. You are turning a definitely no digi into a 'maybe' with these Nicecrane Designs. I hope you are well on the road to recovery now xx


    I have gone onto Nicecrane's web site and they have tons of wonderful images to choose from!

    I've never worked with digital images - any help that you can offer?? When you purchase the digital images, I assume that you can resize them?? Sorry - my digital computer skills are sadly lacking!!

    Get well soon!!


    Lorraine - Ontario, Canada


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