14 October 2012

Just Persevere

Welcome to my newest followers and welcome back to those who've been here before. You find me on a busy Sunday with a pile of ironing to do (I don't mind that actually - gives me thinking time) and full of renewed inspiration. I will start by saying that there is a lot of yacking at the start of this post, so if you would prefer to 'cut to the chase' the piccies are a bit further down the page.

Sometimes the doubts set in when you see other people's work and begin to wonder if you will ever be that good. At that point it is wonderful to get some encouraging words from those around you - or in this case fellow bloggers like Butterfly and Anne, to name but a few. Then two huge 'shots in the creative arm' happened in the form of Hels Sheridan and Ali Reeve (of Stamps Away fame).

To explain, I attended the Big Stamp and Scrapbooking Show in Kettering yesterday and had the time of my life. Ali demo'd her Ink Blending Mats which are truly genius. Yes, they help you blend, but you can use them for perfect reverse stamping (they are solvent resistant) using a Grand Calibur (or I assume any other embossing machine) and you can even do a brayer effect without the need for that level of dexterity. I was stood at the stand as that particular lightbulb moment went on in Ali's head (and I'm proud to say mine at about the same time!) and feel sure she will be showing it to everyone having had chance to experiment further to push the potential.

Then it was off to see Hels in order to attend two of her classes. It's only when you spend time with a Ranger Educator that you truly 'get' why they can teach so much more - a huge depth of knowledge of the products and the inspiration behind them means they seem better able to get you to see how best to get the most out of them. Hels, resplendent in steampunk hat and newly straightened hair, guided two large classes through a world of inkiness resulting in our producing two beautiful tags (and in my case the mucky fingers to match!!) She may be posting them at some stage so I won't show mine out of creative respect.
"Just show us something woman!!" OK, there are piccies in this edition of War & Peace.

And the inspiration for this little number (created pre-Kettering) why Miss Hels herself - there was a fab tutorial on her blog on Friday which I sort of followed.

Obviously the colours are different - I like to think the background splatters of Jenni Bowlin 'Seed Packet' ink are a bit like ivy up the wall. Hmmm, that wall. No brick stencil here so I used a Creative Expressions embossing folder, rubbed DI Walnut Stain carefully over the top and reflattened the cardstock.

I must admit to loving the hand drawn lines seen on this - no need for perfection!!!
 Needless to say, after my day in Kettering I am now raring to go with a couple of ideas that I haven't seen much about out there. This may take a little time so if I disappear from Blogland there's no need to send out a search party - I'll be knee deep in masks, folders and inks, and ejoying every minute of it:))
Hugs for now, Buttons x


  1. Buttons
    Those hand-drawn lines are fabulous, there is a lovely rustic, folksy feel to your tag which is incredibly appealing.

  2. Oh Buttons, I was thinking about you being the wonderful Hels, knowing that she would really set your creative juices going! I love doing classes with her because she is such an inspiration, but then so is Ali Reeve and then, on the other hand, so are you! I can see Hels' inspiration in your tag, which is absolutely gorgeous. Really looking forward to seeing what you did with Hels and what you come up with next! Big crafty hugs, Anne x

    PS - thank you...

  3. Glad you enjoyed yourself at Kettering - seroiusly jealous as these events are always in the wrong part of the country for me! I'm looking forward to seeing how you've been inspired!

  4. I'm so envious of you being able to go to workshops with Hels - she is indeed an inspiration and of course I love all things Ranger. Great tag and great improvisation making use of what you had available. Bet you did a bit of crafty shopping too and I'll be looking forward to seeing what you have in mind for your next projects!! Sorry my comment seems to have turned into War and Peace too.

  5. What a fabulous tag! Ingenious way to create your ivied brick (is 'ivied' a word?). Your hand-drawn lines tie those pieces in perfectly with Noel. Love this.

  6. Glad you had such a wonderful and inspiring time, thanks to Ali and Hels (you lucky thing). I love visiting your blog to see your tags -you are very talented.

  7. What a nice look Buttons! Love it...it looks retro...great!

    greetings, Alie :-)

  8. Fab tag, love the brick background

    Sam xx

  9. The value of classes is I believe Buttons not the direct transferance of knowledge but instead it is what happens after you have filtered the learning and then begin to apply it in the unique and special way that is "your art". So play do have fun but never stop being YOU.

  10. You have had a fab weekend Missy Buttons..........mind you I do hate ironing, but like you say you can mull your creative ideas around.

    I do hope to attend a workshop with Hels........its on my wishlist :)

    Gorgeous tag and dont be a 'Doubting Thomas' !!


  11. Glad you had a terrific time and sorry I never got to meet you. I loved Hels hat also, brill. Loving your new tag. Annette x

  12. How fantastic that day sounds... and I can't wait to see what comes winging its way off your workdesk next! Though I already love this - the hand-drawn lines I think are what really make it... it's so fresh and individual! And I love your higgledy-piggledy paper presents - fab Christmas tag!!
    Have a wonderfully creative week!
    Alison xx

  13. oooh I so wish I could have got to the show. I'm glad you had such a great time. I love your tag , the colours are fab and I love the brickwork! x

  14. I love your taggy, especially the hand drawn lines, but I really LOVE your write up! I read it through twice...love your inspiration, and the people who've given it!!! I hope you create the grandest of projects!!!

  15. Wonderful tag with great images, colours and techniques.

    Love Chrissie xx

  16. Hi Buttons - great tag and I love the hand drawn lines. Glad you liked the stuff on the Robsters stand - its pretty cool isnt it and the MDF is superb to work with..Cxxx

  17. sounds like a really good day out. I love your lettering on this tag and really like the hand drawn look of the tree rather than one of those perfect stamps.
    Can not wait to see what you will come up with after all your inspiration x

  18. Gorgeous piece of art, love the strong colours.

  19. What a wonderful time you had! How fun! Love this Christmas tag with the presents under the tree! I want to open one! Gorgeous!

  20. What a fabulous tag, and i LOVE your hand drawing. I think I NEED that ink blending mat x

  21. Sounds like you had such a good day. I saw Hels at Ally Pally recently and although it was only a demo, it was inspiring and you're quite right when you say she knows what she's talking about! Lucky you to do a class.
    Love the little tree tag. Inky, textural and stunning. I know what you mean about wondering if you've got what it takes as I often feel the same and you usually give me a good telling off so, consider your wrists slapped and remember: you're a very talented lady and I come to your blog to learn from you!!!
    Have a great weekend.


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