5 May 2012

Oooooo, Monet!!

I mentioned in my last post that I was trying something new for me.  It isn't revolutionary, and the rest of the crafting world figured it out long ago, but for me takes a while for the lightbulb to go on!!  Despite admiring those who can impose a level of self-control in their projects (e.g. Ania Dabrowska) I always end up chucking the kitchen sink at whatever I do, which means that creating cards takes too much time.  Plus I procrastinate (there's a word for you Hels!!) - or as Leonie would put it, I faff!!

So last week Hels did an ATC, and it occurred to me that this would a fantastic way of 'doing my thang' on something small scale that wouldn't take as long and could be added to a plain card later.  She has also mentioned the challenge on the Studio L3 using techniques from TH's new Compendium.  The latest challenge involves using faded layers (time to try out the Ranger specialty paper, DI's, a small TH mask and a swirly Creative Expressions rubber stamp).

 To be honest I didn't know where it was going, but the completed background reminded me of the colours used by Monet in his fabulous paintings of waterlillies, so the rest came from that.  Et voila...

 my Studio L3 challenge entry.  And does this new approach work?  You betcha.  Despite having another busy week at work I've completed another two projects and have three more partially done!  Hurrah!!

Time to say thank you for all the wonderful comments - it's so good to get feedback.  Hope you all enjoy the rest of the weekend.  Hugs, Buttons x

ps.  Thanks for the question Barbara - the flowers were simply cut from some curtain sample material (I've had hoarded for about 15 years because it might come in handy one day!!) using the smallest of the two Spellbinders Rose Creations dies.  I use three layers, stick each one together with a little fast drying glue in the middle, and then use my Glitter Girls embossing tool in the middle to give them some dimension.  To finish I glued some old glass beads (again, from my stash - see what you can find in the way of old necklaces at charity shops?) in the centre and added a little gold ink with a paintbrush to some of the petals.  Hope this helps?  If anyone wants any further deets please just leave a comment below - I'm never sure how much to ramble on about all the techniques used, and obviously for this challenge that would be unfair on TH too. x


  1. Beautiful! Can you share how you made your flowers?

  2. Fantastic information in your update! Thanks for sharing. Your work is just gorgeous!

  3. How beautiful is this?! I really love your background and those flowers are right up my street!!

    Thanks for your comments on my blog too. It's so nice to hear what people think about your work isn't it?

    With regards to the insulation tape, I buy it in B&Q. It took me a while to find it mind! It's a very thin metal layer with a sticky back and comes with a paper backing strip which you peel off. I always put it on my card using a ruler. I see you're a teacher so you probably know the trick for covering things with sticky backed plastic using a ruler - that's exactly how I put this tape on! Sometimes it's hard to line the pieces up exactly so you may get a tiny gap here and there - I've found that embossing and inking or painting seems to cover up a multitude of sins!! Hope that helps.

    By the way, I'm your latest follower because I think your work is pretty fab too!!

    Take care, Juliaxx

  4. This is lovely - I like the little picture frame and the word ART over it.

  5. Fabulous ATC!

  6. You did your thing in a most sensational way, Buttons!!! I love your faded layers, and am so happy you joined the CC2 Challenge!


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