6 January 2022

A New Door into 2022 with PaperArtsy

Hi everyone and welcome. In my personal quest to do more sketching this year I've been continuing to create art pages in an Eileen Hull 'Full Size Journal'. Today's page has a flip out element which opens to reveal a hand drawn doorway, painted and embellished with stamps, stencils and paints from PaperArtsy.

The colour scheme chosen for this page has a Summer vibe and consists of the following Fresco Finish paint colours;

Even though I got caught up in creating the page and didn't take photos along the way the following close ups will hopefully help to show how it came together, starting with the jumping off point - a gel print pulled on a piece of tissue. What was basically the leftovers on a 3x5 inch plate was retrieved using a combination of the Sand and Caramel paints.

Below you can see where crumpled tissue leftover layers gave the print what look like cracks. I stamped the stars from Seth Apter's Stamp Set ESA02 stamp set using the Caramel paint before the print was added to the blank page with a soft gel medium.

Before starting on the door and tree I made sure to blend the edges of the gel print into the rest of the page using some white gesso on a spatula. More Sand paint and gesso were used to help bring the 'white' and 'yellow' areas together even more.

The doorway started with a simple arch shape around which I drew the block frame and slab steps. They were painted with Taro Milk Tea which became less pink and bright with the addition of a little grey watercolour pencil, blended with a water brush to create shadows.

The door itself had a little of the Sand paint already on it from the gel print; I worked over the top of that using a small spatula to apply thin uneven layers of Seaglass and Calypso paint, making sure to leave traces of the lower layers visible. As with the bricks and steps, a little watercolour shading helped give it more dimension.

Two stamp designs were used to add a decorative finish to the door which was masked off prior to stamping. First up I used permanent black ink with the tiny dots from Seth Apter's Stamp Set ESA13 stamp set to add what look a little like nails to the door. Secondly I discovered that purely by chance Seth Apter's Mini Stamp EM45 design fit perfectly within the door space and after stamping in grey it was clear embossed to contrast with the lower layers.

It always helps to 'ground' drawings with some form of horizon line - this one was hand drawn with a black watercolour pencil and blended out a little beneath to add shadows. You may also be able to spot a little stamped detail using a combination of grey ink and Seth Apter's Mini Stamp EM49 softened with a little Grunge Paste scraped lightly over the top.

More Grunge Paste was applied through the medium sized tree on the Kay Carley Stencil PS061.

Some Caramel and Blood Orange paint was added through the stencil to give the tree a late Summer look and more watercolour shadowing helped to give it a little more definition and dimension.

The words chosen to add to the side of the tree felt appropriate coming from Alison Bomber's Stamp Set EAB12 'Travel & Journeys'.  Some hand stitching along the horizon line in an embroidery thread the same colour as the Taro Milk Tea paint added a subtle bit of texture and interest.

To compliment the stitching and create a page turning tab scraps of lace and calico were glued onto the top right hand corner of the flip out section and a couple of vintage pearl buttons were sewn on top using more of the pale pink embroidery thread.

You may also have noticed more hand stitching, this time in a yellow ochre colour to compliment the stars and help to add to the structure of the finished page.

I hope you've enjoyed finding out how this page came together and look forward to sharing more with you throughout 2022. For now I wish you all a very happy, healthy and creative New Year.

Thanks for visiting,
Jenny xxx

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  1. Stunning designs Jenny. The colours looks fabulous too. Hugs Rita xx


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