18 February 2017

Geological Journal and ARTifacts...

Hi everyone and welcome! The amazing Seth Apter is challenging all creatives out there to document your personal art journeys through 2017 in some form of journal, sharing it with him and fellow travellers throughout the year. Here is his introduction to the project 'ARTifacts'. I've decided to join in with the fun and have created a new journal to hold those all important memories - here's what it the cover looks like; I've shared a proper walk-through video on my Facebook page (there's a link below).

I've called it a 'geology journal' because it has a look of stone from the layered Tim Holtz Distress Paints, stamping using Seth's own stamp range from Impression Obsession and Ranger Archival Inks through a new stencil designed by Seth for Stencil Girl Products. Having layered  die cuts using Seth's Robo Ring set from Spellbinders, I've added a combination of natural elements that bring back memories of January 2017 for me. These include the gorgeous gemstones in the centre from a range called Quarry supplied by Emerald Creek - you need to check these out as they are perfect for all mixed media projects! Of course all good journal covers need a starting point right? And in my humble opinion I've got the best here - Eileen Hull's new Journal die from Sizzix will be released this spring and is already available to pre-order in the UK here and in the US here.

I wanted to make some quick and easy pages to fit inside this Midori / Travelers Notebook size journal and have come up with a fast way of using rolls of paper to do just that. This roll of parcel paper is around 50cm/20" wide but you can use smaller width rolls if you want to and of any type of material too! (wallpaper, wrapping paper, greaseproof paper, etc) - by folding and cutting it lengthwise down the middle I created two long strips.

I cut each strip in to 19cm/7.5" chunks and folded them down the middle. Build up a number of these to create 'signatures' (like mini books).

For this journal I wanted to document 12 months of the year so made my three signatures 8 pages in total. You can choose how many pages you want and of what thickness depending on your choice of paper.

For speed I machine sewed the signatures together a couple of times on the longest stitch length. You can also hand stitch or even staple yours together depending on the look you're going for (and patience/skill levels!)

Finally I measured the required page width on the first page of the signature (in this case 11cm/4.5") and, using a ruler, tore the first page to leave a rough edge. Keeping the ruler in place I then tore the remaining pages in the same manner. Work through to the middle pages then flip your signatures over and repeat until all the pages are torn to the desired width. And that's a signature complete!

And here's a reminder of what the journal cover looks like;

And in case you missed the link on Facebook here is the video of the completed journal;

Hope you've enjoyed seeing the first instalment of my ARTifacts journal journey. I'll be back to share how the pages are coming along over the next few months as more is added.

Take care of yourselves and have fun! Jenny xx


  1. Fantastic Jenny, this is great & really helpful xx

  2. Fabulous Journal cover ! Jenny and great idea for the pages . Looking forward to seeing your 2017 documented - I'm sure it will be full to the brim with fantastic memories .
    Have fun making them
    hugs x

  3. This looks stunning and looking forward to see your journey.
    Linda xxx

  4. Well Jenny, having seen this fabulous journal in real life today, I have to say, it looks even more beautiful 'in real life'!! The cover is so beautiful with Seth's dies and those gorgeous gem stones. The signatures are brilliant too, I love that you used wrapping paper. LOVE your journal!! Anne xx

  5. Fabulous! And such an original idea with these gems. Can't wait to see the following journey.

  6. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous my friend your journal is fabulous and what a great video too. TFS xxx

  7. Thanks for a wonderful post - I like all the little gemstones in the circle. You have given me an idea for my ocean journal. Love your video and I love, love, love your British accent!!
    Sandy xx

  8. I really love your journal and am looking forward to your tutorial. I hope you will be showing how you bind the pages - love the idea - can't wait to do one. I have pre-ordered the die. I know this is my second comment but I did want you to know that you have me quite excited. Anne is so lucky to be able to see the real journal!!! I sure hope she makes one too!
    sandy xx

  9. This is pure genius, Jenny, and it's only the first step with so much more to come!! I can't wait to see how the journey unfolds. I wish I could have seen it in real time as well. If I end up spending time in England over the next few years I am definitely going beg to craft with you!!
    Sending love and hugs,

  10. Fantastic cover Jenny and a great video too xx TFS and I look forward to hearing more about that die

    Huge Annie x

  11. So good Jenny. And even better in person :-)

  12. Unbelievably cool with those geological gems and specimens adorning Seth's stencils and dies. Great tip for creating journal pages too - a post full of inspiration.
    Alison x

  13. I just love the cover of your wonderful journal Jennie! Those gem circles are beautiful! can't wait to see how you fill this up! Julia xx

  14. Jenny those gem are spectacular!! Love how gorgeous they look on your cover!! Brilliant!!❤

    1. Thank you so much Mitsyana! It was so exciting to get to use them and commemorate the visit to the US in January this way xx

  15. This is beautiful! And I have been collecting those gorgeous little polished rocks for my whole life!! Thank you for sharing this!


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