8 August 2016

Tim Holtz Creative Chemistry 103 - Day Three

Hi everyone and welcome! As mentioned in my last post I've been taking part in Creative Chemistry 103 and enjoying all the tips and techniques Tim Holtz has been sharing along the way. Day Three is all about Collage Mediums and Textures (definitely my comfort zone!) Here are my results...

Distress Layered Collage

Texture Paste Colouring

Texture Paste Embossing

Texture Paste Resist

Now this one's a bit different and to be honest what happened next blew me away; I looked at the sample for this technique and thought "I've done something like that before"... and then as the video began... THE Tim Holtz announced that he had been inspired by lil' ole moi!!!!!!!!!! No surprise I replayed the video MANY times, squealing with excitement every time! It is a real mark of the integrity of Tim Holtz that he has been crediting the artists he's been inspired by along the way and I'm incredibly grateful to him for truly making my month. With time pressing and my continuing endeavours to create new cards with all the other techniques I hope you'll forgive me if my sample is the original project I posted a while back...

Distress Grit Paste Grunge

That's it for the lessons on Day Three. I'll be back to share the results from Day Four tomorrow as behind the scenes here I work on finishing up Day Five - it's just as well the classes remain live until August 12th! See you in the classroom! Take care of yourselves, Jenny xxx


  1. Each one a Masterpiece! Jenny . Your A* crown remains well n truly intact! ;) hugs x

  2. awesome work Jenny - not done the grit paste one yet but even more looking forward to it now! Awesome course and truely awesome makes! Hugs rachel x

  3. These are all fantastic Jenny! and I certainly don't blame Tim for being inspired... It's a fabulous technique, and stunning result. I have that texture paste on my shopping list now. x

  4. So much to look at here Jenny and so many wonderful details and designs. You always excel at everything you make but these just blow me away xxx

  5. Fabulous work Jenny, loving the backgrounds and wonderful designs.
    Linda xxx

  6. Ha, ha, I was squealing along with you and kept running the video back and forth too, it was lovely of Tim to do that and like you say, it shows his integrity! Great to see your next run of projects too, all of them are fabulous - the texture paste embossing project is absolutely stunning and I do love the new Grit Paste one, it is my latest favourite product! As always, you have done an amazing job - if Tim was handing out medals, yours would most definitely be GOLD!! Anne xx

  7. Jenny you have made such beautiful cards throughout the CC course. Congatulations too for your shout of from Tim xx

  8. Oh my goodness!!!! How you are able to create the techniques AND such stunning cards is must amazing. These are incredible Jenny. Your talent and creativity just bursts through in each of these gorgeous cards. I'm just lucky to put them on a technique tag at this point. I can so understand why you might have had a heart attack when you saw Tim's video. Congrats!!! What a wonderful surprise!! Professor Holtz's acknowledgement is like Christmas and Birthday and all wonderful holidays rolled into one amazing moment. So well deserved too!! Hugs to you. Mary Elizabeth

  9. Huge congratulations Jenny but no surprise that Tim was inspired by you, loved your texture paste tiled background then and love it now! Fabulous makes for all of Tim's techniques, thank you for sharing them, Deb xo

  10. LOVED hearing your shout out on Tim's video! I was squealing along with you. It was such an inspired idea Jenny! Love your distress layered collage card SO much too. I think I'm drawn to dapper and you do it so well. ;)


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