30 January 2016

Lady Elsie...

Hi everyone and welcome. Recently I told you the sad story of Dearest Daphne and mentioned her heart's desire Charles, son of an Earl and a bit of a cad. It's now time to introduce to you Charles' mother, the Right Honourable Lady Elsie...

(click on  each image for a closer look)

Lady Elsie spends a lot of time thinking about the past these days. As the future in Europe seems to her to grow more uncertain and day to day life becomes so drearily predictable, it's a comfort to return to her childhood memories...

Her childhood was a time of freedom long since lost. Under the instruction of their governess, Elsie and her sisters received an education appropriate to their position, learned much of the social etiquette that would be essential in adulthood and were also indulged in their literary and artistic pursuits. The chance to escape into the grounds of their family estate and sketch, paint or read as the warmth of the sun beat down was a treasured time, a dim and distant memory that grows more golden with age.

Elsie always knew that her life would be planned by those around her; it was her duty to marry a man chosen by her parents, ensuring bloodlines, hierarchy, and an order that spanned back centuries. Her mother's only involvement in Elsie's education was to teach her what was expected of her and what she must endure without complaint. And so it was that she began running a household, welcoming guests and dignitaries without question or hope of friendship, and being of use to her husband in any way he saw fit.

The Earl, though not unattractive, had an air of arrogance that gave him an ugly personality. Elsie never entertained the fantasy that the Earl felt any sort of love for her even though she was by any standards a true beauty. Just as she had learned well her duties, Elsie's husband had instilled within him from an early age the belief that a man of privilege could take whatever he wanted whenever and wherever he wanted without reproach. As such Elsie knew that the visits 'to his club' in London would include many dalliances which should never be questioned.

Whilst initially she longed for him to return home to her now she almost dreads the time they spend in each other's company. Elsie's abiding interest in art and culture are lost on him, and as the wine and port flow and his belligerence increases, she listens on in unexpressed sadness as he berates 'those damned Suffragettes and their poisonous ideas'.

The one glimmer of light in her life was on the birth of her son. Briefly 'applauded' for having fulfilled the duty of producing an heir she looked upon him as an angel with a shock of blonde hair and piercing blue eyes. Of course, as with any joy, it was short lived. A governess took over the upbringing of her boy until the time when he was packed off to a succession of boarding schools and ultimately University. Along the way she saw those unpleasant traits inherited from his father develop in Charles and she fears that another generation will be forced to endure all that she has.

And so it seems that in potentially scorning young Daphne's desires, Charles may in fact have given her a lucky escape from a life of servitude and acceptance. Yet all their futures are soon to be changed in a way that will impact on the entire social fabric as the dynasties of Europe collide...

Hopefully this canvas captures some of Elsie's story in its twists, turns and textures.

I'm entering this canvas into the January 2016 Lindy's Stamp Gang Color Challenge.
I've used all the gorgeous Sprays from the limited edition set alongside C'est la vie Cerise and Silver Moon Turquoise Embossing Powders. This has to be one of my all time favourite colour schemes and I've used the sprays to colour most of the embellishments along the way.

There's some stamping using the brand new IndigoBlu Teeny Backgrounds swirl in Gothic Purple StazOn ink and stencilling using their Roman Numerals stencil. And then there's Elsie herself (yep, she's stamped too! on tissue, layered onto burlap and texture paste!)
I wonder what story you could tell using her...

If you want to see Elsie and so many more new and exciting releases make sure you tune into the IndigoBlu YouTube channel after 1pm today (Saturday 30th January) to see a very special video with a double giveaway featuring Elsie and another beauty, Valerie!!!

For my part I hope you've enjoyed this latest tale and am pleased to say there's more to come.
Have a great weekend whatever you're up to and take care of yourselves. Jenny xxx


  1. Simply bellissimo, Jenny!💟💟💟

  2. Wow! Beautiful colour palette which is just perfect for this image. Are turning into an author now Jenny?? xxx

  3. Jenny, Wow! you have captured me completly with this beautiful canvas, I love everything about it. The composition is spot on and there are so many different elements to enjoy. I am inspired by the way you have used the colours on the elements and background but then left one or two bare basics like the little butterfly mouldings, lace edging and the kraft stitched oval. Another wonderful example of your talent and a great story to go with it too. Mo x

  4. Jenny not only is it a brilliant canvas but the writing is fantastic! I thoroughly enjoyed the story and the beautiful artwork!

  5. Fabulous art and story to go with it! Love how you've used that gorgeous set from Lindy's Stamp Gand, and can't wait to see all the new IndigoBlu releases! xxx Lynn

  6. Oh wow, what a stunning canvas!! The layers and colors are fabulous!! The design is amazing!! And what a story!! I was totally enthralled with Elsie's history!! Love, love everything about this!! Wow!! Have a great weekend!! Big hugs :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  7. A wonderful tale which suits so fine to this fabulous canvas. I love the purple shades. Lovely!

  8. Such a series! Wonderful stories to go along with all of the amazing designs. I am on pins and needles to learn more! Gorgeous design and details. Totally loving that Roman Numeral stencil and it's on my wish list! The twists and turns are seen in your design! Wowzers!

    Thanks for joining in our "Ring Out the Old, Bring in the New" challenge at Anything But Cute! Hugz. ~Niki DT

  9. Such a great story, Jenny. Love your canvas. It's so pretty, and I love the colors. Really gorgeous! Hugs, Sandra

  10. I was so wrapped up in your story telling I had to go back to look at the canvas (have you ever thought of writing a script??).

    The subtle colour on your canvas is exquisite, the beads seem to highlight the twists and turns of Elsie's life and the layering, to me, expresses the thoughts and feelings that she has had to suppress year after year. A truly beautiful canvas Jenny....

    Thanks so much for joining in our Ring our the Old, Bring in the New challenge at Anything But Cute. Anne xxx

  11. Holy wowzers Jenny, I could melt right into this gorgeous piece of art!! Absolutely stunning. Love the flourish background that's peeking out from under all your wonderful elements. What a fabulous story to go along with your art too, love your creativity!!

    While I'm here - Thank you so much for joining us at Anything But Cute for our 'Bring in the New' challenge! Hugs, Pamellia DT :)

  12. A very beautiful canvas Jenny, such lovely colours and layers and the composition is very eye catching. Loved reading the story, I see there could be a new short stories paperback coming out soon lol.
    happy Sunday.
    hugs Brenda xxx

  13. Like Anne I was so wrapped up i the story I had to go back and look at the canvas! Both beautiful !!! xxx

  14. I'm with Anne and Jennie, I was so engrossed in your story I had to go back to look at the details of your beautiful canvas LOL! Thanks for sharing both Jenny! Deb xo

  15. Brilliant blog post Jenny, I loved reading the story and looking at all the details in your artwork. Just brilliant xx

  16. This is stunning - delicate layers , gorgeous textures ! Yummy ! Hugs trace x

  17. Wow, Jenny! There's so much to love about this stunning canvas! Mostly the color scheme has won me over, but as I look through the layers, I have to say the Roman Numerals stencil, the little tiny flourish, and that bit of lace just melt my heart! What a wonderful story to go along with your art! I'm on the edge of my seat!

    Thank you for joining our Ring Out the Old Bring in the New challenge at Anything But Cute with this amazing canvas. Hugs! Sara Emily DT

  18. Subtle and elegant - a wonderful setting for that beautiful stamp. Gorgeous colour palette and superb composition as always.
    Alison xx

  19. Lady Elsie brought to mind Downton Abbey...lol! What a gorgeous canvas, and LOVE that image. Fabulous design too!

  20. Delightful post! She's amazing and I love her!

  21. Blogger has been playing up on me, this is now the 3rd time I have tried to comment on this stunning piece (fingers crossed...)

    I totally adore the story, the composition is amazing and I so love that lady Elsie stamp!! I have watched the video and am drooling over all those wonderful new products!!

  22. It's marvellous how you used the colours on this project. I love it!!
    Lia xx

  23. Gorgeous make!!! So many wonderful details arranged to perfection!
    Thank you so much for joining our Ring out the Old, Bring in the New challenge at Anything But Cute!

    Samra DT
    Paper Talk with Samra

  24. Not only are you an incredibly talented artist you are also a fabulous story teller. I miss out on lots of your goodies because I don't visit here often enough but I am really glad I didn't miss this post. Looove the canvas and looove the continuing story. Hope we get to learn some more further down the track!! xx

  25. Such a fabulous creation, wonderful details.

  26. Such an emotive canvas ! Jenny especially when accompanied by your narrative . Beautiful colour palette ,design and composition .
    Your talents are seamless.
    hugs x


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