11 November 2015

IndigoBlu On A Winter's Day...

Hi everyone and welcome to the second of my posts for today (see the first HERE).

This second post is a link to my monthly blog project for IndigoBlu which can be found HERE.
Hope you get the chance to hop over and see more.

Whatever you're up to this week take care of yourselves, Jenny xxx


  1. I've just been to the IndigoBlu blog and your project is just awesome Jenny. Hugs, Veerle x

  2. Ooohhh... already love the gilded trees - these I need to see in close up!
    Alison xx

  3. Went over and I think it is beautiful!

  4. loving this stamp set - Clumber park has great childhood memories for me! Going over for a better look! Hugs rachel x

  5. I drooled...I'll admit. The wet spot was me. I've just been looking at the last 5 posts you made that I missed and WOWEE WOW!!! You have me tripping all over my eyeballs. I can't take it in fast enough. Halloween, Christmas, 'Fru Fru Girly Stuff', it's all here and ALL so perfect!!
    Sorry I got all entranced in knitting and didn't get over here sooner, but the visit was splendid and you're amazingly talented!!
    Big hugs to you, Jenny.
    I'm off to check out this post now.
    Lisa xx

  6. Okay, me again....back to say that I'm in awe of how you made this with mini canvas. I love the concept of distance created by size proportions. Really brings you right up to the bank as if you're staring off with that pup. Loved the shimmery trees and geese flying overhead. That is very creative and beautiful!

  7. Just took a peek - what a creative design and lovely scene!

  8. Well with such a sweet dog, how could I resist? Just been over and love this, Jenny! Happy Weekend!

  9. Absolutely beautiful scene Jenny and the dog is gorgeous! Chris xx

  10. That is a beautiful scene! I so love the dog design.


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