16 October 2015

Embroidered Rain Droplets at IndigoBlu

Hi everyone and welcome to my second post of the day (you can see the first HERE).
I'm sharing a new project for IndigoBlu over on their blog today and would love you to take a little look HERE.

Not the usual papercrafting this time - I'm sharing an idea for using stamps and stencils as a fabric template.

And there's just time to let you know I'll be bringing this little picture along with me to the Stamp Magic show at Doncaster this coming Sunday 18th October, where I'll be demoing all day on the IndigoBlu stand. It would be great to see you there!!!

Whatever you're up to this weekend have a great one and take care of yourselves, Jenny xxx


  1. Wow Jenny this is gorgeous! I am an embroidery lover also! Dis you make French knots on your fabric?
    Nice weekend!
    Lia xx

  2. I have been over to see and it is just gorgeous Jenny - I just love those beautiful French Knots and your clever use of the stamps and stencils. xx

  3. Absolutely stunning Jenny, how I wish I was coming to Doncaster to see it IRL.
    Julie x

  4. Oh gosh - this is absolutely gorgeous!
    Sandy xx

  5. Hi Jenny, this looks amazing!! I tried clicking on the link but it was taking me to a 'not found' page, is it still there? x

  6. A beautiful work of art! So imaginative!

  7. Thanks Georgie - hopefully the link should now work xxx

  8. Oh my word...I've had french knots on my mind all week. I needed little eyeballs for a project and couldn't remember how to make one, but then I googled it, but look at you....this is AWESOME!! Absolutely love the concept. :) Beautiful work!!

  9. Absolutely gorgeous! Jenny Such a clever idea to use stamps and stencils to create a stitching template .Love all those raindrops - what patience you have . Worth every minute spent though as you have created such beautiful piece of art. Sincere apologies for the late commenting but I'm making good headway catching up . hugs xx

  10. So creative - what a wonderful leap into fabric work.
    Alison xx

  11. Saw this on FB, just stunning, beautiful work Jenny. Ruth x


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