25 April 2015

International Design Team Call at IndigoBlu

Hi everyone and welcome. If you are wondering where my usual Saturday post for IndigoBlu is today, the regular blog posts have been suspended for the time being. The reason? Well the exciting news is that there is an International Design Team Call over at IndigoBlu!!! It's open to anyone, anywhere across the World, with a passion for stamping and mixed media.
The closing date is 18th May 2015 and you can find all the important details HERE - so what are you waiting for!

As for me it's been another ridiculously busy week, with a heap of projects to get ready for future publication and lots of prep. And today you'll find me returning to Walsall at Back2Craft for a fun day of workshops!
Whatever you're up to this weekend have a good one and take care of yourselves, Jenny xxx


  1. Hope you are having a great day in the workshops! Anne x

  2. Thanks for the heads up. I own a few of their stamps and LOVE them. This is one design team I would love to be on!

  3. Gosh Jenny you are SO busy - hope you are having a great day. The DT call is tempting me... Nxx

  4. Hi Jenny, I'm sure that all at Indigoblu treasure you. If they manage to get others with your levels of creativity, positivity, loyalty and grind they will be doing very well indeed. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Nicola x

  5. Ditto what Nicola said! :-))

  6. Arghhh, I want to go for it!! but I can't :) hugs, Georgie xx


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