3 August 2014

September 2014 Craft Stamper Magazine - Bonus Projects

Hi everyone. Hope you're all having a fantastic weekend, whatever you're up to.
As lots of you will already be awareThe September issue of the Craft Stamper magazine is on sale now! It is available from WHSmith and many good craft shops as well as from the Traplet shop with free UK P&P for a limited time, or as a digital download.

And what's more, following the success of the 'Around The House' article in this month's issue where I show you an idea for using your forks as craft tools, you can find two 'bonus projects' from me over at Craft Stamper Magazine blog today. 

Hope you get the chance to hop on over and take a look.
Have a great Sunday and take care of yourselves, Jenny xxx


  1. Jenny Oh! Jenny those projects are amazing.
    I wish I had just a "teeny weeny" fraction of your thought process.
    Yes! You did see some "inking" thought of you while doing it. Might even have another go later this afternoon.
    Have a great day

    Patricia xx

  2. Love your technique, Mixed media project and card.. Jenny!!
    Brilliant one.. again.. :)

  3. Looks as if I should not have discontinued my subscription to CS!! Off to take a look at the blog.

  4. Haven't got my mag yet but your extra projects look great and i love your colour schemes. A simple fork makes an amazing effect on the backgrounds.

  5. gorgeous projects jenny x :0 clever you ...wonder what you will dream up next x :)

  6. Hi Jenny,
    I hoped over there to take a closer look and waauw stunning projects, so lovely. I really love it. I was thinking about buying a digital version of the september magazine. Maybe I might just do that.
    Love, Veerle xx

  7. Like I said over there, only you could take a fork and create pieces of art with it! I loved your CS project this month and I love the new ones you show over there today. I need to make a chalkboard now.... Anne xx

  8. I will make sure I pop on over there especially as I don't get CS magazine.

  9. Well done Jenny! Beautiful work, can't wait to get my mag :)

  10. Have just taken a look, such a fantastic project in wonderful colors and with great texture. Love it.

  11. Wish I could get that, but way to expensive here! Gorgeous work as always, Jenny! Off to look!

  12. Every kind of tool leads to art in your hands, Jenny! I love both of your creations!


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