2 November 2013

Saturday Step by Step at Frilly and Funkie

Hi everyone. It's my turn to host the Saturday Step by Step over at Frilly and Funkie and I've taken a leap into the world of videos!!! Hope you'll let me know what you think.

For now take care of yourselves and have a great weekend.
Jenny xxx


  1. Brilliant Jenny, so useful done in video and a fabulous design as always. Going back to bookmark it for future reference. TFS
    hugs {brenda} x0x

  2. A brilliant video, Jenny!

    LOVED watching it and what you demonstrate is sooo important to know about good composition making!

    Claudia x

  3. I've bookmarked it to watch later, Jenny. I'd love to be able to create cards as wonderful as yours.

  4. This is most definitely a winner Jenny, I've left you a comment over at F&F. Have a fab weekend! Chris xxx

  5. Thanks for a very helpful video!

  6. Love your card, my internet is slow and I couldn't hear what your said, but I saw your pretty hands and what you did! I also love the recap in writing so I understood better what you wanted to accomplish. Very nicely done.
    Hugs Kelly

  7. Great video!!
    I always find inspiration in watching others work...even if their style is different than mine, so happens I love all things Tim.
    I hope we will see more videos from you in the near future!!

  8. Wonderful video Jenny and I wish you would add some video tutorials to your blog. Love the accent Sugar!!

  9. Wonderful video!!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing! Barbarayaya

  10. Hi again, Jenny.

    Your card is so pretty and I really enjoyed your video. That was your first one?! Good for you! Great effort and very informative! You have more courage that I do! haha Love your card. <3 Candy

  11. Love the video Jenny. Fabulous card. Hugs Rita xxx

  12. Great video Jenny! It was really cool to see your process in action. You have such an eye for composition and design.

    You have inspired me to give video another go. I tried it once and explicitly instructed DH to film my hands only but he angled the camera too low and caught me still in my pjs under the table. I need a new cameraman and wardrobe apparently :)


  13. Great work on the video, Jenny - congrats on your debut!!
    Alison xx

  14. Off to check out your video, but I know it will rock!

  15. I've finally been able to watch your video - congrats on your first webisode! :) Lovely design as always and very useful tips - thanks for sharing! xxx


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