25 August 2017

When is a Wild Poppy not a Wild Poppy............

Hi everyone and welcome! Fans of IndigoBlu will know that Kay Halliwell-Sutton recently released five sets of fabulous new floral stamps (and a new big butterfly). A few of you will have seen a set of samples I created with some of them HERE. Now as the stamps were sent out just as I was leaving for a short holiday in France there was nothing for it but to stamp some out and take them with me to colour in the evenings.

Thing is, I didn't have the names for the sets so when I saw the A6 Wild Poppy it looked for all the world like a sunflower to me (mind you, we were surrounded by fields of them and the heatwave may have gone to my head!) Just goes to show we all see something different in an image when it isn't named for us! So, with the help of some Albrecht Durer watercolour pencils my wild poppies became sunflowers, and when I returned home they were added to a twisted twig circle with some leaves from the A6 Peony set to create this Summer wreath. By painting the reverse, gluing them to thin plastic, cutting them out and heating to mould them they turned from 2D to 3D! Here are some close ups to show the details;

Just goes to show if you don't have Summer create your own (and look beyond the labels to see let your imagination fly)! Make sure you check out the new IndigoBlu florals and Big Butterfly if you haven't done so already. I'll be having lots more fun with these florals in the weeks and months to come. Whatever you're up to take care of yourselves and get creating! Jenny xxx


  1. Wow Jenny ! Whether Sunflowers or Poppies they are fabulous ! Just love what you have done with those gorgeous stamps. Jennie x

  2. When I first saw these on FB I really did think they were Sunflowers - you certainly did a brilliant job of making those beautiful poppies look like them! Your holiday obviously suited you very much, those fields of Sunflowers must have looked amazing! Anne xx

  3. I think I would have seen the same as you being influenced by your beautiful French surroundings These are indeed glorious my friend and what a wonderful way to display them, I just love your diverse creative mind xxx

  4. Fabulous Jenny! Love that you were influenced by the French Sunflowers! Sorry for being such a poor visitor! Hugs, Chrisx

  5. So bright, so cheery . Every garden needs one of these to compliment matures flowers and fauna .
    hugs x


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